Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

Welcome to some photos of the World AIDS Day in Cochabamba. This day there are productions going on all over the world to increase awareness and give education about HIV/AIDS. This year Ninos con Valor was able to participate in the "feria" in the main plaza here in Cochabamba. Victims of HIV/AIDS are often the most marginalized in Bolivia. They are rejected from work places, the children from daycares, schools, and even by doctors. Since HIV is at the heart of the purpose of the Pedacito de Cielo project that I work at full time, it was important that the fact that children can have HIV too be known. But of course, we protected their identity and privacy the best we could. I'll let the pictures say the rest.

The feria started out with an amazing ring around the sun. Not something you see everyday!
It almost felt like halloween at PdC this morning as we got all the kiddos in costums and did their make-up.

Isn't she just too cute!?

Our "patito" or ducky
Baby G is good to go!
Best smile of the day I think
She is one of our more difficult children (does not live with us) but I did NOT give her the devils horns!
Everyone say "awww"
These are some pictures of the crowds that were gathered at different agencies with tents that were giving out information.

Ducky and batman, just chillin
This was when NCV when being introduced. There is Tyson, our executive director along with two of the girls from CdP and the professional dancer from New York.
Amanda, the dancer, taught most of our girls and a some from another home, a few dances to perform on this special day.

And this is Amanda, she did an amazing solo dance. The older girls did a dance also but I failed to get any still pictures, only video which I seem to not be able to upload.

Once NCV was done we got out of there pretty quick as it was HOT HOT HOT and eveyone was hungry. I felt like eveything went very well regardless of the political atmosphere around Coch right now. Presidencial Elections are next Sunday.