Monday, January 28, 2008

You just don´t see that in the States *EDIT*

Recently I´ve found myself thinking ¨you just don´t see that in the states.¨ So I started to write down some of the more oddball type things I´ve been seeing. Some make you laugh, some make you say ¨aawwww¨, some will make you say ¨cool¨ and others will make you say ¨what?¨. So here they are:

1. Recently saw cars, not just double parked on the side of the road, but TRIPLE parked. And not a cop in sight to write up tickets. They don´t really do that here...

2. On the back window of a van trufi a window cling said ¨Soy de cristo¨ literally, I am of Christ. You don´t usually see bold statements of faith like that.

3. Grafiti on the wall of a home ¨It´ll be alright¨ spray painted in English.

4. Car trufi´s that have the steering column moved from the right side of the car to the left. All other dashboard things remain on the right side. Where the steering wheel used to be is a hole, normally with a stuffed animal stuffed into it. Cute but wierd at the same time :)

5. In a bus trufi (actually called a Micro if I want to be culturally correct) was a hand made sign from a child that said quite boldly ¨Feliz Día papí¨. In English, have a good day daddy.

6. In a bowling alley a sign says in English ¨Road Closed, you didn´t behave last night.¨ Which didn´t make one bit of sense to any of us that was reading it.

7. A lot of trufi´s have stickers on the walls with sayings. I can´t normally translate them but one of them said ¨ Don´t blame the driver if you left late.¨ And another ¨Its better to wait for a minute of your life then to lose your life in a minute.¨

8. A saw a HUGE chopped up cactus sitting on the curb in front of someones home. A cactus, like a tree, that is not wanted in ones yard gets the chainsaw apparently.

9. More english grafiti ¨I´m not home...¨ odd, very odd.

As I come across more I will add them to this blog. Hope they made you laugh.

I have also been hit with my first drive-by super soaking. I´m still dodging water balloons and usually take taxi´s at night. During the working week most college students are in class and the rest of the people at the streets are profesionals. The little kids don´t really have anyone to target. Which makes me think that most of the water balloon wars are instigated by 20 something year olds.

I have decided to attend the retreat with my friends church. I just cannot pass up the opportunity to make friends and spend time in worship. It will help my Spanish SO MUCH too. Carnival comes around every year. Maybe next year I´ll feel safer and more confident in my Spanish to attend it. Next weekend may be carnival but Bolivia has a huge celebration of some kind or other every month or two.

My weeks tend to be fairly predictable lately. I take Viviana for her therapy, I have language tutoring, I see my friends, I go to a youth service, I go to church, I study, ect. But I like predictability so thats ok. There hasn´t been strikes or blockades in over a month, Thank God.

I have my email newsletter coming out on Friday, till next time!

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