Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did you miss me?

Sorry about that folks, I´m slacking on my weekly updates. But honestly, there hasn´t been much to share lately. Except the three men and a baby in the front seat of the taxi trufi last week... that was a pretty funny site. But lo and behold, something intresting happened today! So here is the story :)

Today has been an intresting day in my life. I picked up viviana to take her for her therapy as usual. In the taxi on the way I noticed one of the main bridge intersecions had two of the passageways kinds roped off. So traffic was moving slow through there but it was at least moving. I thought maybe it was construction or something. Well, an hour later we are on the return trip and we are on another road and the driver tells me ¨blockades¨ which makes me groan cause I have the baby with me. I look around and see a lot of people walking and not a lot of cars moving. Great. But the driver, thank God, doesn´t give up. He worms his way (on the wrong side of the road) up to the road we need to turn left on (a big main road that circles around the city) and we get across. Thank God we didn´t have to turn right since that is where we would have hit the blockade for sure. Once we were headed up into the right area for the orphanage I breathed a little easier. Too soon! The closer we got to the home the more traffic we hit. And this is up where there is very little traffic! It was because everyone was trying to take the backroads since the blockade was on the main road. We finally got close enough to the home that I got out of the car, picked up viviana (she´s a pretty big girl) and walked inbetween half moving vehicals, walked up a steep, rocky, semi-wet hill (still walking inbetween cars, the whole place was like a parking lot on Christmas eve), and finally got her home to the orphanage without incident. Phew! I think I had a few more angles with me today then normal! Rather then try to ride back in a Trufi I opted to walk. Turns out walking was a faster choice too! So that was my morning! A good part of the eastern side of the city looked much like the area I was in but everything in the west seemed pretty normal. Thankfully.

In other news, I will moving leave my host family this weekend and moving into another house. Its a really long story which, if you don´t live in this culture you will not understand, so I will just say that it had become nearly impossible to live in the same home as my language tutor. My new home will be across the yard from my closest friend in Bolivia, it will be costing me less money, but will be the same arrangement as I have now. Three meals a day, laundry, and a decent sized room to stay in. Señora Carmen has been housing foreigners for many many years and is one of the sweetest women I´ve ever met. My friend Amy lived in the room I will be in for 9 months a few years ago and never had one complaint about the house or family. I am looking forward to this move.

More later!

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