Monday, April 28, 2008

Finally, photos from Sacaba

I finally felt I had reached the point where I could take pictures at Horita Feliz (happy hour) at my ministry site in Sacaba. First let me tell you this story. I had mentioned in a past blog about a little girl named Nyleen that was speaking to me in Quechua. This litle girl and her sister Nadia have settled into a very special place in my heart. I barely get out of the car when Nyleen is running towards me with outstretched hands yelling ¨hermanita, hermanita!¨ ¨Sister, sister¨ in English. Thats a very common title given to Christian workers when they don´t know your name. And mine name is tough for them to remember. My heart just melts when she runs to me like that. Its on the level of a child running to his mother saying ¨mommy, mommy.¨ We do have a bond of some sort developing, I love her so much. Her sister Nadia as well. These two sit on my lap during lesson time, one on each leg. So here we/they are:

These are some other photos from yesterday. A whole bunch of kids:

Lesson time and giving food:

And this is a picture of the next age group up. There is also a group of teenagers that meet in another area that I didn´t get to take a picture of.

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