Saturday, May 3, 2008

La Feria

The International Fair 2008 arrived in Cochabamba 2 weeks ago. On this, its final weekend, my church Comunidad Cristiana Cochabamba (CCC), partnered with 3 other area churches to do an amazing evangelical outreach. My friends have been praying, practicing, and otherwise preparing for this one day event for many months now. I helped with the preparation as much as I could, which really was not much. The day before all the churches came together to run through their programs. I was able to help count out groups of handouts and such. The day of (Friday) the group started arriving at the ¨fest¨ at about 4pm. There was many times when someone just hollered at me ¨ayudame¨, ¨help me¨ in english. And thats just what I did, I helped in whatever little way I could. We all had wonderful matching t-shirts :)

And then the sun went down and it just got really stinkin cold! May and June are amoung the coldest in Coch and I came dressed for it. Guess what? I was still cold! Not like the cold in the midwest (I could still feel my fingers and toes, couldn´t see my breath) but I was cold and tense from trying to stay warm. That aside, I decided to take pictures. Here is a sampling from the program, only a few of them are my church people.

When all was said and done, it was after 1am! We tore everything down, packed it all away, packed ourselves (rather tightly) into a couple of cars and headed for home. After being cold for hours, no one minded being a little cozy in the car, thats how Bolivians ¨roll¨ around here anyway :)

I shall find out tonight, I think, the number of contacts that were made, the number of people who excepted Christ last night, and other information. So that was La Feria!

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