Wednesday, July 23, 2008


ok, so not a whole lot has been happening since the crazy days of VBS. I´ve restarted Spanish tutoring at a different school. I´m now there 3 days a week and working mostly on remembering what I actually already know. Its just lost somewhere in my brain.

Last week I was ALMOST run over by a bicycle, remember, pedestrians have no rights whatsoever on the roads. Anything that has wheels has the right of way. I ALMOST took out a motorcycle with the door of a trufi, though I could swear I looked over my shoulder first... they appear out of thin air it seems. I also was ALMOST robbed on a trufi (this would have been the second time, the first time I lost my camera). However, I am proud to say that I have learned a thing or two in the last 9 months. I figured out quickly that something just wasn´t right. I put my hand to the latch of my purse to find the man next to me´s hand in my purse (not an easy task, my purse is hard to get into). When I looked at him and said ¨SEÑOR¨ he immeditaly took has hand out and got off the trufi. I checked and he didn´t take anything, didn´t have enough time before I caught him. So praise the Lord for that!

The rest of life continues on as normal. I´ll soon be preparing a special day to teach the kids about dirt and germs and the importance of washing their hands, ect. Having come from the street, our kids normally put any food (or anything for that matter) in their mouths that they find on the ground. Even after living in a good place for months, they still have this habit. So thats the next project. I´ll let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...


Mark and I always enjoy your updates. Your puppet VBS sounds
and looks great. Mark and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Colombia, South America in June. We met our two Compassion International sponsor children. It was an overwhelming experience as I'm sure you can relate. We also did VBS at 4 children centers.
Our spanish was sometimes poor, but everyone was patient with us.
Keep up your servent's heart.
Mark and Luann

Anonymous said...

Sounds like when I cought a pick-pocket on a mico. They were a 2 person team, one distracted me and the other tried to pick my pocket. I could feel that things were not right. The picker had gotten a 5B note out of my pocket (back when they were paper) I had it seperate from the rest of my money as it was so held together with tape that no one would except it.

I extracted the bill from him as he gave a week protest it was his. Then he ran up to the front and jumped off the bus, his friend had took off the moment things turned bad.

I felt very lucky, that pocket had about 400Bs in a little cloth bag, and the seperate 5.

I am glad you are doing well, and had a good time with the kids.