Monday, March 16, 2009

This and that

Things have been going well in the ministries of Niños con Valor. An update on the day care is that our three resident babies are all doing well and almost all are healthly. Baby G came home after 1 1/2 weeks in the hospital to clear up an infection. Baby G still has a pretty nasty cold and has in turn given it to me. There is not a whole lot you can do when a baby sneezes right in your face! He has a good attitude though, much better than mine! Also, all of our daycare kids have returned, praise God! Two of them have been temporary residents as their mother feared for their saftely as she separated from her abusive husband. So on an average day we have 6 babies and 2 older kids to care for. A weight check shows that Pablo has gained weight as well as Raul. Baby G, due to his continued sickness and hospital stay, has not gain any weight.

The girls in the girls home are hard at work going to school and doing homework. They have just enough time in the day to still be little girls and play with Barbies and do other activities. I still hope to start English classes with them as well as a Bible Study for the older girls. But right now my help is more needed in the daycare.

On the Spanish side of things, I continue to take classes 2 days a week at my newly reopened and restructured language school. I really like their teaching style and have been with them for many months. I was happy to learn that I could continue learning there at the same rates I had before. I have a LOT of practical application as I communicate with our Bolivian workers on a daily basis. If I had to guess at my spanish level I would say low intermediate. Intermediate is a HUGE part of spanish and has 2 or 3 levels. Some missionaries never get beyond this point as they have enough Spanish to get by on, I don´t want to be like that though. I still struggle with not knowing proper names for things and verbs I don´t have reason to use on a daily basis. Everytime I get frustrated I have to remind myself how far I´ve really come.

My financial support has had its ups and downs not unlike the US stock market! I had a scare in Feb as half of my suppport didn´t come in for the month. And then March it was almost back to normal. I know that God will take care of me so that I can finish my two year term this coming fall. Thank you always for your prayers and support!

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Anonymous said...

Praise God that your school has reopened and that your financial support is back on track this month. Hope you get over your cold very soon.

Aunt Dawn