Sunday, August 9, 2009


As promised, here is some of those photos a mentioned in my last update. I can't help it if my kids are just too cute!

Marcos likes to play with baby Lily. He is the oldest of all our kids and is an excellent big brother

Miguel likes to lick the bowl!

One of volunteers is taking a nap with Baby G in isolation. Glad I had my camera handy. Sorry about the glare!

Unrelated to the pictures above I wanted to share about some things I saw on a recent walk I took.

I sometimes don't notice the everyday sights and sounds anymore. I'm just so accustomed to life here that nothing really surprises me anymore. However, I found myself laughing out loud the other day as I walked home from having dinner with a friend. In one block of Cochabamba I saw: A young couple making out on the curb of the street, both his hands planted firmly on her behind, a hippie/gypsi w/ long long braids and a small guitar on his back talking with some one grilling some food outside a restaurant, and then a young boy peeing against a tree.

The sights I mentioned above are just normal things I see everyday. There are somethings you never get used to and make me want to cry everytime I see it. For example, in the main market, La Cancha, I saw a man half running through the market with a very heavy load literally strapped to his back. It was nearly as big as he was. He ran hunched over. I'm sure if he was upright he would have tipped over backwards from the weight. He was an old man and I almost started to cry. He was a human donkey. No one should ever have to carry a load like that to make a living.

Another time I saw a frail old man sitting on the ground in the main market. On the tarp in front of him was just a few candy bars to sell. I've never seen someone look so sad and so desparate. I'll never forget the day I saw 3 men sitting IN a dumpster sorting through the trash for anything that could be eaten, sold, or recycled.

The smiles on my kids faces, seeing them get stronger and learn new things brings my heart a lot of joy. But I also live in a big city and there are things I see everyday that just break my heart too. I hope this has given you a little more insight into my life here.

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