Saturday, September 5, 2009

The latest arrival

Over the next couple of weeks, we at Pedacito de Cielo will be recieving a number of children to live in our orphanage for children affected by HIV/AIDS or have been classified as having special medical needs. Just this last Friday a new little boy arrived. I haven't been told of his "name" yet so I will just tell you what I do know about the little cutie pie.

He is one year and two months old. I was trying to see where he is developmentally and its hard to say. The first couple of days are always hard as the kids are adjusting to being in a new place with unfamiliar people. He can sit by himself but when I put him down on his stomach he didn't seem to know how to crawl. Or he was possible just scared. We'll know for sure in a couple of days. He walks when guided and holds your hands but his legs are not strong.

I am told that he has had digestive problems for most of his life. As you can see, he is plenty chubby! Well, I think "stocky" would be a better description. The other kids are doing very well with trying to be his friend and include him. They like to give him kisses and share their toys. And believe me, sharing is not one of their stronger points! They are all making me very proud!

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