Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back in Bolivia

I have been back in Bolivia for 2 weeks now and it feels as though I never left. There is evidence of my absence in that my kids all got older and have learned new things. Not to mention that there are two new kids that joined us while I was away. I have been taking pictures like crazy so here are some of the best.

This is most of our kids, missing 4 though. This is not an easy picture to take thats for sure!

This little princess is our newest addition to our daycare. She is still adjusting, meaning, she cries A LOT. Once she gets through this period I think she will be just fine.

Manolo here is our newest resident and he is quite the bundle of energy. And ever so cute!

Lily is growing by leaps and bounds and crawls around like crazy. She loves to practice standing up, her legs are already very strong.
Baby G is not letting a little something like open heart surgery slow him down! This marks 4 months since his operation. And he is now walking rather then crawling and learning new words.
Here are some pics of my kids just being darn cute. The sibs have all the toys they can possibly play with, but what do they do? They play with the plastic buckets that hold the toys of course!
Our kids are getting much better at the concept of sharing toys. I'm told they even have a system of "trade" where one child will give another child a different toy in exchange for the one he had been playing with. They still have a long way to go though, I still am breaking up fights several times a day.
Marcos here is proudly showing off his newly repaired teeth. His front teeth were completely rotted through. He used to rarely smile but now he can't get enough of smiling for the camera!

Baby Mateo as grown the most in the time I was gone. He is our premature baby and he weighed only 5 pounds or so when I left. I'm not sure his exact weight now but you should see his chubby little body, his double chin, and fat little cheeks! He is also much more alert and makes good eye contact.

In a very short time we will be recieving yet another new born baby, actually possibly two. I will post pictures just as soon as they arrive!

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