Sunday, January 11, 2009

The girls home

ok, so its been a while since I´ve posted an update. Blame it on being too busy! And then being too exhausted to do much of anything else. I have been spending time in both the daycare (see previous blog) and at the girls home.

The girls home is kinda a controlled chaos, a very well controlled chaos. The girls have a pretty set schedule that includes chores,

english class (and homework classes as well),

And plenty of time for girls just to be girls.

I am in the progress of taking over half of the english classes from another volunteer and also begining some bible study type activites with the girls as well. I sometimes help out with lunch preperation and am spending a lot of time watching the girls to makes sure they aren´t cracking their skulls open with their crazy antics.

One of the hardest things that happen this week was when one of our younger girls had a migraine. She had been in bed for 2 days with this headache and was literally in agony when I saw her. She was crying non-stop and her whole body was reacting to the insane pain in her head. Sitting there next to her trying to keep her calm yet being able to do nothing was the most horrible feeling in the world. Less then an hour later, one of the house Tías took her to see a doctor where she got an injection and some pills. She came home a completely different girl!

On a brighter note, I have enjoyed watching the girls´ spontanious creativity as they put on puppet shows with barbies and act in a play. I am very nearly done learning the 22 names but I still goof up every now and then!

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