Saturday, January 17, 2009

wet again

The streets aren´t safe anymore. Your walking down the street, minding your own buisness and SPLAT! your the victim of yet another waterballon attack. It could be worse, and believe me, it gets worse! This is the month for Carnival, a national holiday in many latin american countries. Carnival is actually at the end of February but the waterballoons started flying as early as December this time around. Its now getting worse. I live near several main roads and walking almost anywhere is risking getting a good soaking. I was walking the 15 mins to my language school yesterday when I took a direct hit on my shoulder. I worry mostly about my glasses getting broken (or my nose!). The balloons may be filled with ice and/or other more disgusting liquids. There is no respect in these waterballoon attacks, I draw more attention being white, but everyone is a target, young and old. So for now, I take public transportation when I can and avoid places where there are waterballoon wars on a regular basis. Although, waterballoons have been known to fly through the bus windows too!

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